Masterpiece Collection : Amazing Deep Pink Rhodolite Garnet 5 mm Calibrated Round Smooth Cabochons, 100 % Natural Loose Gemstone
Masterpiece Collection : Amazing Deep Pink Rhodolite Garnet 5 mm Calibrated Round Smooth Cabochons, 100 % Natural Loose Gemstone

Masterpiece Collection : Amazing Deep Pink Rhodolite Garnet 5 mm Calibrated Round Smooth Cabochons, 100 % Natural Loose Gemstone

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Masterpiece Collection : Amazing Deep Pink Rhodolite Garnet 5 mm Calibrated Round Smooth Cabochons, 100 % Natural Loose Gemstone

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We Custom Cut gemstones, in our Factory in Jaipur, from Direct Rough/Rock Mineral imports from the mines, they are found and Earth mined from.

So we will be happy to list customized listing for you, where you place custom orders with us for any shape, any size of Gemstones, that we deal in or which we can supply. We can offer gems in more than 30 gemstones.

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  1. Gemstones = Rhodolite Garnet
  2. Style = Smooth Cabochon - Regular
  3. Shape = Round
  4. Size = 5 x 5 MM (Variation - 0.02 to 0.03 MM)
  5. Quantity = 25 / 50 /100 (let us know for customization)
  6. Origin = India
  7. Grade = AAA

Perfect for Fine Jewelry in Silver, Gold, and other Metals. Do let us know for more quantity, we have full stock. And we can create Custom Quantity Lot/Parcels.

Custom Orders - Gemstones

You can contact us for all sorts of custom orders and customization like : 

> If you need more quantity in Wholesale as of the same gem and size as per this current listing.
> If you need a different size in this same Gem.
> If you need a higher or lower quality grade of gem listed.
> If you need same size of gem, with same faceting style but with different gem specifications and measurements.
> If you need a different size of this gem, with your own specifications
> If you need a different faceting style, other than the current listing.
> If you need a different shape/size/quality/quantity/faceting style etc...of the same gem as per the listing.
> Or if you need a different gemstone altogether with these specifications as per the current gem listed or anything that is in your mind.

We are a gemstone manufacturing factory and can Manufacture or Supply almost any specifications in more than 200 gemstones.

Just drop in an email to us thru the Contact US Form or Message us thru Facebook Messenger, here and we will discuss all aspects of your order and the price quotes with you before taking in your order.

Custom Service - Jewelry Manufacturing

You can even Request Jewelry Ideas from us, once you buy any gem or want us to make you a mtaching jewelry for your existing order !!!

We are a full time Jewelry Customization Service, Blue printing your unique ideas, onto designing sheets and then fabricating them into meaning full and Practical Jewelry Piece.

So do get in touch with us for any particular design that you see on our shop, to be made only for you, with your specifications and your choice of gemstones. We also custom cut and manufacturer color gemstones as per customer's requirements for further sales or Jewelry Manufacturing as per their custom orders.

We specialize in Engagement Rings & their Matching Wedding Bands along with Men's Wedding Bands and other Wedding Jewelry with Fancy Color Diamonds, Color Gemstones and in Metal of your choice : Sterling Silver, 14 K or 18 K White or Yellow Gold and Rose Gold too.

Custom Jewelry Requires 50 - 100 % in Advance Deposit and a time frame of 5 - 7 - 10 - 15 days, as per jewelry order and as conveyed during discussion in our Shop, thru email, live chat on skype etc..

Let us know further, what we can assist you in, thru the message of our shop.

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World Wide Shipping

We Ship across the World to almost all countries and hence also offer various Modes of Shipping. And we also offer Combined Shipping for multiple purchases of gems and jewelry being shipped together.

Even Custom Shipping Options are offered to clients as per their Shipping needs, Delivery Country & Delivery time Requirements and as per the Product. Since it is not Possible to mention all such shipping options upfront, hence only the Standard Ones are listed below.

Kindly ask us for more details on Shipping your expected packages.

1.) Economy Shipping = Takes 2 - 4 week in deliver, across the world and is a registered post mode shipping, ideally for single pieces or small gemstones lot/parcel and is shipped under the " Small Packet Sample Services" . Also has minimum tracking.

2.) Standard Shipping = Takes around 7 - 10 business days to deliver across the World. Ideal for all types of parcels, official export or commercial service. Weight based so if you are shopping in bulk, then we can offer you flat box shipping charges to combine multiple items.

3.) Expedite Shipping = We offer 2 Types of Shipping here. Hence Kindly do ask us for more details.

Takes around 5 days to deliver. Premium Shipping Services used like FedEx, UPS & Aramex.

And we can ship in Sample modes (non Commercial) for fewer gems to be delivered urgently and also full Commercial and Export Services available for larger and wholesale gem and jewelry boxes. Please contact us for your pricing.



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