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We are a Team of Husband and Wife, and we love Gems and Jewelry. We are a full time small business of Custom Jewelry Manufacturing Service and Custom Cut Gemstone Manufacturing too. My Husband is a gemologist and I am a jewelry designer.

I design Jewelry from scratch, Visualize it in my dreams or discuss it with my clients, portray the blue print on my drawing sheet, and then evaluate the same for further Jewelry Fabrication, as per the practicalities of manufacturing.

Our Jewelry is meticulously hand crafted into precious metal like Silver & Gold with our hand assorted gems & diamonds with inspiration from modern lifestyle, nature, abstract art etc...it completely depends upon the thought process. Working with us is just like working with your local jeweler, nearby !!!

When it comes to fine jewelry, we make it in our small workshop, in our Jewelry studio. All hand made and mostly one of a kind.

We love 14 K and 18 K Gold, White or Yellow and also design in Sterling Silver, in oxidized antique and with premium Platinum Finish.

Do browse my small shop with various kinds of jewelry pieces and also advise us if you would like any particular design into some specific pattern, so we can happily do the service for you.

Being into Gemstone Manufacturing, we custom cut gemstone from direct rough/rock mineral import, from various mines around the world. We can manufacture more than 20 color gemstones, in various shapes, sizes, and cut, calibrated sizes or free sizes. We grade lot of Gemstones for Color and hence offer perfect quality to each customer, as per their requirements and usage of the gem.

Send us a message, chat with us live, send us an email on our Shop or connect with us thru various Social Media Channels that we have our presence on, so we can assists you further in Gemstone or Jewelry of your choice.

Shopping with us is just like shopping with your local jeweler. We understand International Customers and their Jewelry requirements and love so well, that we will be smooth to deal with and deliver high quality standard of Jewelry, within least possible time.

Thank you for your stopping by

Happy Shopping !!!

Designer and Owner

Anubha & Tarun


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